Another Card Deck Flow Question/Request

Would it be possible to have cards flow across and then down, versus the classic newspaper column flow of down and then across?

It seems that as the cards typically do not present “continuous” content, like a newspaper article might, people tend to look for the ‘next’ card across from the last, in the fashion of reading across a line in a book, not reading down as they would a newspaper.

Mostly this is not a problem, exactly because the cards are unrelated but I, for example, have many cards in alphabetical order (based on their headers), and the ‘reversed’ flow seems to be what people organically expect.

Thank You,

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The way the Bootstrap code that the Card Deck stack is based on works precludes it from functioning in that manner. You’d need a more dedicated masonry style stack, and even then you’re not guaranteed to get a left to right, then top to bottom flow as a masonry setup arranges its sections to fit the best it can. That said though a masonry stack like Bricks or one of the many others you can find on the RapidWeaver Community site would work better for what you’re detailing.

I will look at other options, as you suggest. Thank You.

No problem. I’d just add it as a feature, but it would mean ditching the whole way that part of the Bootstrap Card Deck works, which is counterproductive unfortunately. It will be much easier to use a different solution geared more toward what you want I think. :+1:

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