Any advice for creating Affiliate program using Foundry/Rapidweaver?

Hello Elixir Community,

I’m reaching out to anyone using Foundry for any advice for successfully setting up an affiliate program (as merchant) using Foundry/RW for your e-commerce site.

• What affiliate service do you use/ would you recommend? (I’ve researched and demo’ed several)

• How do you execute the payment on your Foundry site? Do you use a RW add-on for your shopping cart/buttons or do you use buttons provided by payment processors like PayPal?

We use PayPal for payment processing. We tried one service and the link tracking breaks with the buttons we use with the RW add-on.

I did do a search for “affiliate” on the forum here with no results found so thought I’d reach out.

Thank you for any help.


Morning @Mrbuzzboxx!

What you’re looking for is not dependent on Foundry, nor is it something Foundry would have a hand in handling for you. You will need to have a look at ecommerce providers that offer the features you’re seeking. The ecommerce provider would handle all of that, as those sorts of features are tied into their products. There’s no difference in using those services with, or without Foundry.

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Thank you. I appreciate it.

I had a good idea that it’s independent of Foundry.

I am just looking for any advice from anyone who has successfully made all the connections between Rapidweaver (especially Foundry), any of the shopping cart plug-ins, PayPal, and an affiliate program service. There are no posts on the RW Forum and I was unable to find searching Google.

I was just exploring this before I go with Plan B.

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I use Cartloom myself for ecommerce and it works great with RapidWeaver. I don’t know if they have affiliate programs or not, as it has never been something I’m interested in. I’d say first and foremost you should shop around for an ecommerce service that meets your needs and is fairly priced (don’t go too cheap as part of what you’re paying for in an ecommerce solution is support). Then see if they offer an affiliate program.