Any plans for a CMS?

I wondered if you had any plans for a CMS @elixirgraphics, though I appreciate your hands are probably full!

I won’t rule it out, I can say that. I can say I don’t have anything like that in the works right now though.

As far as a CMS goes, I suspect each person here would have a different definition of what a CMS is to them and what it allows them to do. What does your CMS look like? What can it do?

Hmm, good question. Off the top of my head.

I think I’d like a CMS that was ‘in tune’ with Foundry. and tied to it in the same way that Alloy is.
I’d like on-page editing like GoCMS, rather than having to log into an Admin page, like TotalCMS
I’d like to able to edit headings, text, ordered and unordered lists… and tables (!)
I’d like to be able to upload ‘ordinary’ pictures and SVGs
I’d like a gallery option that included both square thumbs and a masonry-style grid
The ability to include video from YouTube, Vimeo as well as self-hosted video and audio files

I’d want it to be a one-off fee, rather than a per site license.


Some nice things here.

I’ll keep them in mind if I ever go down that path. If anyone else wants to voice theirs thoughts I’m all ears.

That path makes a product like that a more expensive one-time purchase. It is the way I prefer to do things, too. But it definitely wouldn’t be an inexpensive product if it were a one-time purchase.

All what Rob said :slight_smile:

I am always for a higher one-time fee with a donation if the installations exeed a certain level. For such a CMS, I would pay around 150 to 199 US-$, as my clients will repay me for that.

So you’re telling me there’s a chance… :wink:

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A chance I’d do one, yes. But not a chance that it is already in development. That is a huuuuge project to take on and even if I started work on it now it would be a loooong way off.



I’d also pay extra if the CMS could carry my branding.

I’d also pay extra for the Holy Grail - the ability to add new elements to the page via the CMS - for example a new Card stack.


You’re in luck as the Weavium G Sheet CMS stack does this already.

It does, but that’s just one element and involves teaching a client how to use Google Sheets, whereas I’d prefer everything to be in one place.


From the clients perspective, the Google Sheet would be the one place.

Setting up a CMS based multi item Bootstrap Card layout is always going to be a challenge to create a Client CMS area that the client will understand. With G Sheets, if they want another Card or 20 Cards, they just add an extra spreadsheet row or 20 rows. Otherwise you would need to get them to start adding labels or numbers and they will likely break that.

Take a small car garage for example selling 20 cars. They will probably have that document with all of the details and prices already in a spreadsheet.

Since this thread has deviated from its original topic I’m going to go ahead and close it I think.