Any way to do ebook preview?

Is there any way in Foundry (etc.) to insert an ebook preview on a web page? I’m thinking of what Amazon does on its site, with preview pages. My page is here:

Of course, Amazon has a zillion dollars to spend on its website, so I perfectly understand if what they do is beyond what I can do with Rapidweaver and Foundry. But Foundry and the various add-ons have so many features that I might have missed it.

There’s no specific stack for this in Foundry, that is for sure. You could use a modal though of some sort and place the sample page(s) within it. Maybe even use the Pagination stack for the various page(s) within the modal. Just an idea. It isn’t the same as what you referenced, but could be an alternative path.

Thanks, Adam! No real surprises, there. I know it’s kind of a niche feature.

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It’s not automatic but you could try 1LD’s PageLit stack. It works with JPGs so you’d have to prepare a JPG for each page but if it’s just a sample this might not be too onerous. I’ve used it on a couple of Foundry sites and it works quite well.

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