Are circle graphics possible?

Sorry it seems most of the posts are pretty old on this topic and I am interested in using Foundry but need to make sure it is capable of using circle graphics.

I need them both to be circle images as well as circle icons with borders around them. Anyone know that has the stack add ons for foundry?


You can still use most of all other stacks with Foundry, so that should not keep you from using it. Check the stacks here for example:

Thats exactly the stack I am talking about! I’ve been using it in RapidWeaver as well as Marten’s other stacks and they work well. Just wasn’t sure it would work well in Foundry.

Thanks for clearing t up. That helps me make my decision to jump in much easier!

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What about circle borders around icons? Are these possible? Anyone know?

Check out the S4S Porthole stack - Porthole | Stacks4Stacks. Very powerful stack that adds animated hover effects to images and borders. You could use any icon as an image or SVG image. Very cool stack. There is even a demo version.

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Morning @jemillion – The Foundry Image stack does allow you to make a square image into a circle. Note I said square and not rectangle. You’ll need to ensure your image is the same height as its width.

The borders you’re looking for are not a part of that stack’s features though.

Adam’s very nice Social Badge stack allows for circle borders around icons.