Are retina images supported?

Hi, are retina images supported with Foundry? How do I support those?

You can use any image types you like. If you mean does it have two different types of image drop zones, one for standard and one for retina, then no, that is not an option of Foundry at this point.

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Another vote for some sort of responsive image stack native to foundry.

Some ideas.

This is the one I will likely use with my hosted foundry based website. Set it and forget it!

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Disclaimers: I’ve only had Foundry for 3 days (loving it, btw), and I’m now working on my first Rapidweaver site after a 3-year hiatus, skipping from RapidWeaver 5 to 7. Therefore, I may be way off track.

Beginning with Stacks 3, don’t all stacks support Retina images? The user doesn’t create two images, with “@2x” added to the larger–Stacks does that automatically. Here’s a quote from Isaiah that I believe I got from the Realmac forum. I don’t think he was referring to a feature solely in the image stack that comes with Stacks 3, but as a feature built into Stacks 3’s DNA.

“If you drop in an image into stack and scale it down 50% using the image editing controls – then Stacks will automatically export the scaled version as the @1x image and the full resolution version as the @2x version. It will do all the naming and add the correct srcset attributes as well.”

Doesn’t that mean that all stacks–including Foundry stacks–support Retina images?

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The image editing controls do not work in the foundry stacks, so you can not just set it to 50%. But I choose my images mostly quite large and so far they look brilliant on my iMac 5k or my iPhone, iPad.

But it would be nice to hear @elixirgraphics advanced thoughts about it - how do we support retina images in detail? :slight_smile:

You can put an image in a Foundry Columns stack, double-click the image, and set the image’s max width and height.

This is the same thing as adding an Stacks image stack to the page and dropping the image in there. It is not the Foundry Image stack.

You are exactly right – it’s not the Foundry Image stack.

But consider this: Reading this thread, you can get the impression that it is not possible for a site using Foundry to support images for retina displays. That’s what I thought 10 days ago when I came across it while deciding whether to buy Foundry. I read it, assumed that I would have no options regarding retina images when using Foundry, and I decided not to buy Foundry.

I then bought a theme by a well-known designer who will remain unnamed, found a project-killer bug in it, bought a theme by a 2nd designer and found multiple project-killer bugs in it. (Off-topic: What has happened to the quality of RapidWeaver themes?) Then I read Isaiah’s statement that I quoted above, which shed new light on this thread, and I bought Foundry.

Everyone else who has contributed to this thread has more experience and expertise with Foundry than I do. And I’m as confused as anybody on what to do regarding images for retina displays. When I read this thread the first time, I thought that if I used Foundry, I’d have no option other than to forget retina displays exist. But based on Isaiah’s statement, I don’t think that’s true.

Indeed what @Patrick points out is true. You can definitely use the standard image stack with Foundry. Foundry is not limited in what outside stacks you can use with it. The only difference is you won’t get the added features found in the Foundry image stack when using the standard Stacks image stack.

I do have general plans for some retina image features for Foundry. Such an update doesn’t affect just one or two stacks though. It will affect just about any stack using an image, now or in the future. Needless to say that is a large undertaking, so it is not something I will rush through. Once I get the current projects I’m working on wrapped up I can start planning for such a feature though.


Any update on this feature request? Potion Pack?

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Hey there @Flash – No, I’ve not moved ahead on this as of yet. I did look in to a few directions I could go with it, but never settled on one that I thought was a good fit. I’d not received any other requests for it after this initial thread.

It hasn’t left my radar though.

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