Automagically titles to batched photos in Shutter Stack?

This is a deal breaker question for me.

In the Shutter stack. Is it possible to automatically apply titles to photos in batch mode (from file name, metadata, exif) or do I need to put titles in manually for each photo?

If not, are the any plans for this function in the near future?

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Hi there @ThE46 – Shutter does not auto generate titles for images. Batched galleries do not receive titles. This isn’t something that is currently planned. I can add this as something to look at in the future down the line, but it would not be something in the immediate future.


Thanks for the answer. Shutter will not be the right Photo batch stack for me, I need a Photo batch stack that can make the title automagically from file name, meta data etc. Does anyone have any recommendations? Love to hear about them.

Cool deal. You might look on the RapidWeaver Marketplace and see if any are promoted there or give a good old fashioned Google search.

Will Woodgate’s ProGallery 3 allows you to title or caption a photo based on a cleaned up filename (remove file extension, hyphens etc.) but lacks Shutter’s awesome auto-thumbnail-generation, so you have to supply your own thumbnails for the grid view (or be content with full sized images loaded for the grid, which slows down the site).

I’m currently demoing it for a project and it plays nice with Foundry.

I’m afraid all gallery type stacks have their own pros and cons.


I’ve just built a site that have a gallery, several actually, which needed titles.

It’s here: Casa Elana Torrox Townhouse Gallery

It’s huilt using Instacks Gallery 3. inStacks Software | Gallery Stack 3 - The most versatile and kick-ass Photo Gallery for RapidWeaver

The titles are purely the filename, although I’d imagine it’d be easy enough to clean those up using a bit of lavascript perhaps. I also had to use a bit of custom CSS to make the titles always visible, opposed to visible on hover. But that was easy enough.

I\ve mated it to Instacks Repository inStacks Software | Repository Stack - Perfect for Warehousing File Manager, Media Browser, FTP Application, Online Text Editor which is a filemanager stack that has a really handy auto-thumbnail generation option. So you just drop your image files into the folder on the server using Repository, click the thimbnail generation button, then point Gallery 3 at the folder. And boom… All your images appear as thumbnails with captions, then when one is clicked a lightbox opens and you get the full size version.