Automatic remote image publish from Alloy

I’m on Foundry 2 and it’s Alloy…

To save server space, I’d like to publish photos I put into a blog post automatically to an image hosting site like Imgur.

Is this possible in Alloy?

@zamboknee I don’t know exactly how Imgur works. But if you can upload an image AND the site provides you with a link to the image or some sort of embed code, then you should be fine. Why don’t you try it out with an image and see how it goes?

It’s certainly easy and possible to do this with your own hosting area, but I know you don’t want to do that. If it is possible to create a link to an Imgur image then I also don’t know how much (if at all) it will slow down fetching/showing your image on your site. Maybe nothing at all, maybe a lot.

Here’s a link to one Imgur image:

and here’s the embed code:

<img src="" alt="alternative text here" width="50%" />

alternative text here

… so as you can see the link provided by Imgur does not result in a link to a proper image link. Perhaps there is a trick around this. Perahaps when you are a paying Imgur member they provide a more useful link.

@zamboknee You really don’t want to put your images on Imgur or a similar service to load on your site. Really. In addition to running into Cross Origin problems, which you most likely will, you also can’t control what happens to that image. Does it expire and get removed at some point? What happens when Imgur goes down? Etc. You should be hosting your images on your own server. Any host that is worth their salt will provide you enough space to store your images, even on basic plans.


Thank you, Mitchell!

Thanks Adam. Makes sense. Was trying to save a little server space I guess.

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