Autosave Alloy Editor

Hi, I am being timed out of the Alloy editor regularly and losing my work. In the Editor settings I have the session set for 3600 seconds and the autosave checkbox ticket with a delay of 30000 m/s which according to my calculation means it should autosave every 30 seconds, but it isn’t and I am having to redo my work. I am using Safari, is there anything I can do about this?

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Set your session timeout for a longer period. Also the auto save only works after the post has been saved initially. This is a limitation because it does not have any idea what to save to. Additionally it is auto saved to the browser not the file. This is to prevent overwrites to a live post. IMHO I would just extend the session timeout and not use auto save myself.

ok thanks I will try that

Sounds good. Shoot for the moon. Do something like 43200 for your session timeout. That’ll provide a nice long window.

I’ve set mine to 43200 yesterday (3/13), saved the post in drafts, then reopened this morning working on the post for about an hour. Clicked save post and Alloy timed out. Lost all of my work from today.

I am sorry you lost your work. Alloy tries to use browser cache for autosaves, so perhaps something prevented this. It cannot autosave to your server unfortunately.

:bulb: What I do now, based on similar annoying occurrences, is to copy and paste the content into a text editor (Sublime Text in my case), before hitting Save. That way, if you do get dumped out back to the login, you can recover your work.

Maybe Alloy could have a user configuration to copy the content to the clipboard before Saving. Then it could be pasted back on re-login?

That’s probably a lot of development work for something that’s achievable by using <Cmd>A, <Cmd>C, <Cmd>V

Don’t know about the development; I would have thought it was quite easy?

The point is you have to remember to do that sequence and it is very annoying when you forget, even when you know about it! :slightly_frowning_face:

Not sure if this is a relatable cause, but for me, with my hosting company, if I use the Wifi at my local swimming pool (I maintain the website for the club) it is an unsecured public open network, the server kicks me off from anything that is working directly with the server, e.g. CPanel, mail server or alloy. This can occur 10 seconds after connecting, 5 mins, 10 mins or 30 mins, not a set sequence or pattern. I’m only mentioning this as it may not be alloy as such, but possibly your hosting, even on secured network it could be something your server not happy about. Worth having a look at that as a cause.

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