Autosave Alloy Editor

Hi, I am being timed out of the Alloy editor regularly and losing my work. In the Editor settings I have the session set for 3600 seconds and the autosave checkbox ticket with a delay of 30000 m/s which according to my calculation means it should autosave every 30 seconds, but it isn’t and I am having to redo my work. I am using Safari, is there anything I can do about this?

Set your session timeout for a longer period. Also the auto save only works after the post has been saved initially. This is a limitation because it does not have any idea what to save to. Additionally it is auto saved to the browser not the file. This is to prevent overwrites to a live post. IMHO I would just extend the session timeout and not use auto save myself.

ok thanks I will try that

Sounds good. Shoot for the moon. Do something like 43200 for your session timeout. That’ll provide a nice long window.