Backdrop Kills Overlap?

Pretty regular page, have a banner image at the top with an Overlay to pull the site title up 50px. All good, until I drop a backdrop on the page, then the Overlap sits behind the header. Adjusting the z index does nothing.

Anyone seen this, ideas for a fix?

No published page as it’s only a play thing for now, but this should be easy to replicate as it’s happening in all instances that I’ve tried.

Oh, and solid colour doesn’t appear to be working either. As in, select gradient and the colours appear as expected, select a solid colour, no background colour.

zip up your example file and drop it here so we can look at what you are trying to accomplish.

Will do. I dumped the initial idea and went with something else, so I’ll need to knock up a quick demo, which I’ll get done and upped later today.

In the meantime, a live example…

Without Backdrop on the page…

And with …

The backdrop also has a coloured background set, which isn’t displaying.

As @Steve_J mentioned, post up a ZIP file that contains your project file and I will have a look at it. May not be today, but will take a look when I can.

Fixed it. Backdrop got corrupted on instal. Removed and added it back, all working now.