Background always visible

After upgrading to Stacks 4 site background is always visible, AND “Show site bkg. in Edit Mode” is unchecked - don’t know if Stacks are the reason.
I’ve attached screendump of Foundry settings, showing that text isn’t readable

I’ll take a look at it and see what might be behind this. Nothing has changed with that feature since Foundry launched so that means something changed with Stacks that has impacted this. You’re the first I’ve heard from about it. Will get back to you after I get a chance to look at it.

I’m guessing Edit Mode now has a body tag where it might not have had one before. This means it is being applied to the body tag in Edit Mode where before it needed to be applied to a specialized tag to be shown in Edit Mode.

I’ll get this fixed in an update.

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@johnjaeger – Sent you a Direct Message yesterday about testing the fix for this. If you get a chance shoot me your email address via Direct Message and I’ll get you a test version of Foundry to try out and see if this isn’t resolved by that for you. If it is then I will send it out to all users.

Direct Message - I’m NOT sure I got it.
And not familiar to how I get it?

Click your user avatar in the top right corner of the Elixir forum. In the drop down there’s an envelope icon. That is your mailbox for the forum where you’ll find your direct messages.

Hey again @johnjaeger – Just pinging you again since it’s been a couple of days and I hadn’t heard back from you.

I thought I send you my mail but apparently not :crazy_face: well here it is:

Just sent you an email with a test version.