Background colour for Max Width or Container


I am not able to find a way to change the background colour for Max Width or Container tools. I want to create full width alternate sections (white and grey) on the webpage. Maybe I am missing something.

Please help !!


Check out the aptly named Background tool.

The video there should help you out as well. :+1:

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Thanks for the prompt reply Adam…

Also for my yesterday’s problem, I found the solutions for the logo size problem using custom size as advised by you, however still can’t find a way to understand how to create a Top Bar above the Navigation Bar. I sent the link to the sample website as well for your reference and also attached an image to show what I am trying to do…

I’ll help once I’m at the computer again. I’m on my phone and haven’t been at the computer much today as we had family over for the weekend. Though I suspect you could achieve what you want using Background and a List with inline mode enabled. Please see the documentation for List.

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Apologies, didn’t know that. Please enjoy your weekend with the family… I will try the list tool and let you know how it goes…

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No need to apologize. Glad to help. :+1: