Banner Above Navigation

With GREAT DIFFICULTY (I don’t even remember how!) I created this Header, above the NavBar in Foundry2. Where would I start in Foundry3 (what tools) to get this same look? Thanks

Shouldn’t that be Arthur C Clarke?

Hi @raymackt – The layout would be similar to however you did it in your previous project file. If you show us your project file from your Foundry 2 project we could probably point you toward making something similar.

Thanks! Hope DropBox works, as the file is 3.7 mb!

The smallest file I can strip out for you to inspect is 3.3mb!

How do I upload from my DropBox?


Your upload is fine I simply have had a million other things to work through today and haven’t had an opportunity to help you replicate something you built in the past.

OK! I got this far using Partition!

New (556.6 KB)

Partitions isn’t what you want for this. Not in that way. :neutral_face:

Your original layout is built using Columns, as seen in the project file you provided:

This is more like what you want to do. Foundry 3 also has a Columns tool. See if this gets you off in the right direction: - Droplr

Thanks, I’ll give it a try…