Banner content not fully displaying in mobile

Hi everyone

I’m new to Rapidweaver and Foundry.

I usually use Wordpress but I am enjoying this so far.

I’m having an issue where not all of my banner content (on a Hero Banner setting) is displaying on some mobile devices.

Please see this video:

I’m not sure if I’m missing some setting.

Here’s a link to the project file if that helps:

Please let me know.


This is because you have too much content in the Hero banner. The Hero banner will always be the size of the display. That is what the Hero feature is essentially.

In your case it would be better to simply turn off the Hero feature and use a Fluid banner height, allowing the banner to expand to the size of your content.

Honestly, I would say a Fluid banner height is the right choice 90% of the time when it comes to responsive design. It is just a better choice for most content.

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ok thank you @elixirgraphics for getting back to me so quickly.

Not a problem. Have fun with your project!