Banner Image Sizing

I have run into a problem that I’m trying to understand when using the Banner stack. There is an image background that works perfectly on the desktop and on a phone, but when displayed on an iPad Pro (the big one) the image is simply black. The image does have a black background so I’m assuming it is just being scaled really big so that nothing is visible but the black. The banner image is set to COVER and the background is LOCKED

My question is whether this is related to the size of my image 2400 x 1600 but optimized such that the size is only around 100 kb, or is something else causing the problem?

Locked images are not natively supported on mobile devices so the background gets scaled up to the size of the page’s content (read here: very large).

What version of Foundry did you publish the page in question with?

I put out a fix for this in v1.0.1.0, so if you used a version prior to that to publish the page that could be the reason. In that case, update and then do a Republish All Pages. If you’ve published the page with v1.0.1.0 or later and are having this problem then send me your project file, along with your image file, in a ZIP and I will have a look at it.

Aloha Adam: Yes, this was published with the latest version of Foundry and Stacks. Tomorrow I can certainly send you the project, although I might have to do it through DropBox as it is fairly large.

Once I get that ZIP file I will take a look.

Sent you the info in a private message, thanks

Adam: were you ever able to look at this project to see what the story is with the banner image display on an iPad Pro?

Just looked at the DMs here and saw your message. I must have not returned to that DM. I’m more used to receiving such things via email. I will examine it tomorrow or Tuesday.

See post here for response on this bug: iPad Pro Conflict - #11 by elixirgraphics

I’ll likely get it out in the next few days to everyone.