Banner / Jumbotron Images Not Locking

I’m having an issue with some Banner images not locking on our site. Even though the setting is checked - Lock Background - and the Bkg Image Type is “Cover,” the image does not lock but remains static on the page.

This condition is not true of all Banner Images. Only some on the page. Same problem with Jumbotron.


Hey there @solutionsmacllc!

I’m headed to bed in just a bit, but if you will create a ZIP file containing your project file, as well as the images you’re using for your Banner and Jumbotron backgrounds, I can look at it tomorrow when I get into the office again. You can post a download link here, or shoot me a direct message via the forum with the download link.

Hey Adam,

I made a copy of the file this morning to send to you - only to discover that the problem is partially resolved in this copy. Let me do a bit of research today to see if I can nail down what’s going on. Will get back to you if the problem persists or returns.

Thanks again.


Sure. Sounds good. Not a problem.