Banner pairing + branding

Quick question,
does a banner pairing with Megamenu override branding feature?

Not sure I understand the question? What happened when you tried pairing the Mega Menu stack to a banner?

Sorry for being unclear,
for some reason, I do not get branding option visible at megamenu and was wondering if there are other reasons besides font or padding size.

And to be sure, can I have different settings on one page from a Foundry control center and another kind settings for another page on the same project?

Are you sure you’re using the correct Mega Menu stack, the one that comes with Potion Pack?

If you want to send me a ZIP file containing your project I can take a look tomorrow when I’m back in the office. You can also post screenshots here as well, which may also help.

Yes, there should be no issues with using different settings in the main Foundry stack on different pages.