Banner slideshow

Sorry for the questions but have another:

I’d like to have a slideshow in which there is an image slideshow as the background with static text (header). I.e. the text remains the same in front of the slideshow.

What is the best way to achieve this in foundry?

Thanks in advance

That isn’t a feature of the Banner or Slider stacks that come with Foundry. It has been noted though and something is on the roadmap.

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If you want an easy to use external stack there is Vegas, by Doobox.


JW’s Impact stack does this every well.

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Yep - Vegas by Doobox is really easy and works well with Foundry - although it doesn’t resize the depth proportionally as well so parts of the banner may get cropped off. Orbit by Elixir is good too which makes it all the more baffling why Foundry’s Banner does not do simple slideshows - perhaps Adam will enlighten us.

Foundry has plenty of slider options – The following stacks are all options for creating a “slideshow” style banner: Slider, Shift, and Motion.