Banner stack in edit mode

Is there a way to expand the Banner stack in edit mode? I have a screenshot attached of Banner with a fixed height and the contents are extending past the bottom of the container. I hope that makes sense. As a workaround, I’m pulling the slider stack outside of the Banner stack, then back in when I’m done editing.

(Edit: Clicking ‘expand slides’ in the Slider settings helps for the first slide, but I can’t scroll down to the next one)

If you click the minus button next the different breakpoint sizes it will put it in variable height mode. Place all of your content in the banner into a margins stack and adjust as necessary.


Thanks @Steve_J I’m currently modifying an @egomade project. Vitor - is there any downside to doing it this way from your perspective? I am using the Chef project…

@jabostick – The idea @Steve_J presented is the way to do this. Toggle that option, then setup your banner contents. Once you’ve got everything in there, toggle it back again.

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Thanks again. I did a quick check on mobile/tablet widths and it seems close enough via Steve’s method that I think I’ll just leave it with flex height and the margin stack inside.

Cool! Flex height is my favorite way to use the banner, myself.

Thanks guys for helping out @jabostick and me :slight_smile:

Yes that’s the way to go @jabostick your doing a great job, it is really hard to break Foundry, and I mean what I say here, I’ve tested so many things/combos and try to break it but couldn’t… Adam did a terrific job.



I didn’t know this because the default state of the Banner is fixed height mode. When in fixed height mode the Flex mode information is completely hidden from view. It would be better to display that information all of the time.

Also the selection of the Flex mode uses the Stacks + and - used for the Stacks Padding Margins, etc. I would never have clicked on the Flexmode button because that the of button usually just opens and closes settings.