Banner with Gradient?

I’m just starting with Foundry and trying to create a simple banner with a Gradient Color Picker gradient. But I do not succeed, the background is displayed in edit mode but not in the preview.

What attitude am I overseen?

Thanks for a Tipp


Good morning @Gerhard

I’m not experiencing that same outcome here. When I adda Banner stack to the page and set a gradient it shows in both Edit Mode and in Preview Mode. Additionally if I show the site in RW 8’s Simulator or do a Preview in External Browser it also shows as excepted.

Perhaps you can post a download link to your project file so we can have a look at it?

Hello Adam,

Unfortunately I do not have a download link yet. It is the first test :-)) If you do not have an upload link, attach another hard copy.

I’m not looking for a live, published site URL. I want a copy of the project file you’ve built in RapidWeaver — the file you open to edit your site in RW.


Nothing to be sorry about. I’ll download this and take a look as soon as I wrap up the other support ticket I’m working through.

Looks like you have Parallax enabled for the Banner stack. The Parallax effect is only designed to work with images. I suspect you were trying out a lot of different things and simply forgot to disable Parallax after trying it out. Turn off the Parallax feature and you’ll be good to go.

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That’s it …

Many thanks
:slight_smile: Gerhard

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Not a problem. Glad to help.