Basic form stack is not publishing

I have a basic form stack at the bottom of my home page and it will not publish with the site. In the mean time I will try the more advanced form stack and see if that might work.


Some additional information that may be relevant: when II publish I get a warning that my server contains both a html.index and a php.index and that is could cause the site to load properly. My site does load properly except for the form.

What’s happening is that the main html folder of your website has both an index.html file and an index.php file. If a file name is not provided in the url (just a folder name or the main domain name), web servers look in that folder on the server for one of several types of files to send to the browser. Most servers are configured to serve the following files in the following order: index.html, index.php and index.cgi.

When you added the contact form, RapidWeaver knew that the form stack requires php (code that executes on the server). It changed the extension of your page from html to php.

RapidWeaver does not delete files on a website; it will only write (and overwrite) files, which is a good thing. In this case, since the index.html file is still on your server, it is still serving the older file without the form. You will need to login to your server with either an FTP app or your host’s control panel and use the file manager to delete the index.html file. At that point it will begin serving the updated, index.php file.