Best CMS for Foundry

I’m loving Foundry so far but my clients want and need to update their own content. I’m curious what CMS platform works best with Foundry? I am very familiar with TotalCMS but it doesn’t seem to be working well with Foundry. I installed a TotalCMS blog on my client’s site and it is not working. All appears to be set up properly but it won’t allow him to post blogs. I’m about to build another client site and he also needs to update his own content.

What works best with Foundry?


For blogs I use Alloy. If the client needs to make some basic changes to the text, I use:

But this is no full CMS like TotalCMS.


@DesignCreatrix I’m not using a CMS, but GO Unlimited by Yabdab might be helpful as well.

If you haven’t alredy done so … reach out to Joe re: TCMS. None of his other products seem to have any problems with Foundry. I’m sure he could get you set up … or make a tweak to TCMS so it works smoothly with Foundry.

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… and as @Fuellemann mentioned, for blogs Alloy is absolutely brilliant!

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Total CMS should work great with Foundry. Many users use them both together. Feel free to ping me over on the WS Community if you would like some help.


Very interesting topic. Would this be normal practice for experienced Web Designers?

Hey @ODAS – Are you referring to the use of a Content Management System (CMS)? If so, that is a tough question to give a blanket answer for.

A CMS is very useful for projects where you need to manage the site away from your computer or where you might need to setup the site to be managed by someone else remotely. If you’re managing your own sites, or managing site for your clients it isn’t as much of a necessity.

That said, there are all levels of CMSes out there for RapidWeaver. Some that integrate more deeply than others, letting you have greater control over everything. Picking one would come down to deciding what you need to manage remotely and how much you are looking to spend to do so.

Head on over to the RapidWeaver Community and search for CMS in the search bar. You’ll find a lot of options for RapidWeaver, all of varying degrees of complexity and control.

Like I said though, if you’re just managing sites yourself there’s not as much call for a CMS as there is if you’re wanting others to be able to manage their sites remotely.


Thank you very much for this information @elixirgraphics . You are a great help Adam. Your information has made it much clearer. I will use Alloy for my blog. Maybe down the track I will need a CMS

I am very pleased to be with Foundry


Dian’t know of that one. Looks great and even very easy to use for clients. I’ll sure give that one a try.

Total CMS works absolutely fine for me using Foundry.

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I set up Alloy on my website and love it. But my clients are not tech-savvy at all and need something more intuitive like TotalCMS (which I love bye and have installed on a bunch of my sites) I will reach out to Joe and see if he can help me troubleshoot.

Are you using the Alloy Editor for your clients? That should be pretty straight forward for them after you set it up.