Best way to place logo and header in hero banner?

I’m working on my first foundry page and have a little problem with placing content (logo and headline) in the pages hero banners.
Each page has a hero banner with a different portrait so on each page the logo and header must be in a different position to get out of the way of the face in the picture, and for mobile and tablet view it has to be in another position.
At the moment I’m using a margins stack to get the content placed, but on mobile things get pretty random.
Is there a better way to solve this problem, having different logo positions for desktop and mobile view?

Here’s a link to a test page:

Thanks and cheers!

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That looks really nice. You could probably use a 2 column stack and add your content either to the left or right stack (leaving the other empty). you can obviously change the width of the 2 columns to suit too.

Thanks mallow76!
It’s more of a top/bottom problem, than a left/right…
I’m looking for a way to get more control over the placement.

I tend to use Stacks4Stacks ‘useful stack’ for things like that and give it a height and display it conditionally. Others may have other/better suggestions.

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Thanks again :slight_smile:
Will check that!