Bike Fitting Site

Bike Academy Berlin

How do you like it? Any hints ?



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Nicley done! I can’t read the language to comment on anything other than looks but it is nice and clean and loads quickly for me.

@SteveB is the other resident bike shop expert so he might have some industry insights for you.

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Coole Seite, wußte gar nicht, dass es so etwas gibt :slight_smile:

Drei Sachen mit Potential zur Verbesserung, die mir auffielen:

  1. Das Kontaktformular auf der Beratungstermin-Seite läuft über die ganze Breite, ich würde es in einen Container packen und/oder mit passenden Margins versehen.

  2. Der Link zur Terminbuchung wird nicht einheitlich verwendet. Manchmal geht er auf die externe etermin-Seite, manchmal auf die interne Seite, in der Du die externe eingebunden hast. Die zweite Variante ist schöner :slight_smile:

  3. Ich persönlich bin kein Freund von gekürzten URLs - in Deinem Fall der Link zur Newsletteranmeldung bei Mailchimp.


Vielen Dank für die Hinweise! Da bastle ich gleich mal los!

Viele Grüße


Hi, nice looking site with some great info in easy to find sections.

I’m guessing you, Thomas, is the same Thomas mentioned in the “About me” section? As in, it’s your business, you’ve not made the site for someone else?

I really like the detail you have on the site. I maintain websites for bike shops/workshops/fitters now, but I used to do it myself (I do still own a workshop business). There are too many people out there now claiming to be fitters with zero understanding of the human body. All they know how to do is lower/raise a saddle and install a longer/shorter stem. It’s great to see people like yourself coming up the ranks, with a proper understanding of the dynamics involved.

As for the site, very little to say. It’s nice looking and easy to navigate, which is key. Bike sites should always be product first, fancy website stuff last. You’ve got the balance perfect I’d say.

If I was being picky on the design I’d remove the two buttons from the header image and put them somewhere else. Or, if you really want them in their present position make them equal widths. They look out of balance at the moment.


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Thank you for the feedback!