Bitweb4u Foundry modules

I was looking at the redesigned realmac addon site and came across these foundry projects from bitweb4u. First time I’ve seen this developer, some interesting hover effects, has anyone used these and can provide some feedback?


Have an example URL of the specific hover effects you’re referring to?


Here are 2 examples

I thought I could create with the hover stack but one module has a button/ratings included in the hover effect the other has a border animation… and I didn’t see those options in the hover stack

They’re using another developer’s stacks for a lot of stuff on those pages, but don’t mention you needing those things on their demo pages. Feels weird to me to do that, IMHO. If you look at the code for the page you’ll probably be able to see the stacks I’m talking about.


I agree, thanks for following up on that

Actually they do:

And they refer to the donation ware stacks from BWD (which I like very much). Still I would prefer them to use Foundry only stacks if they advertise it the way they do…

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Not on the individual product pages they don’t.

That said, the “modules” are using a lot of non-Foundry products, so it is weird that they’re promoted as Foundry “modules” IMHO. To each their own though.


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