Block Label feature request

Any change that Block Label could get linking option in the future?
It grabs attention on banner such a nice way that it just screams linking option.

JellyButton gets quite close with font and style options (no rectangular shapes) so that could be other way to go with request if Block Label is out of question. :slight_smile:


I’ll have a look at adding this feature when I’m working on the next update for Thunder. Could be a while though since I’m working on a major update for the main Foundry suite of stacks.


Drop a block label into Joe Workman’s Link stack and set the Link stack to wherever you want it to link to. Same with the Adam’s regular label stack
Works with pretty much any stack which doesn’t have linking as its central function - like linked list. Would work with a button if you didn’t set the button to link to anything, but used the link stack instead. But unlikely anyone would want to do that