Blockquotes not formatted

@elixirgraphics Adam: Your new Mint theme looks great! However, I noticed on thing on it that reminded me of the same problem on Foundry: there seems to be no “styling” applied to blockquotes when using markdown.

Via CSS I’ve applied my own styling for markdown blockquotes so it’s not a real problem for me. But it seems like this is a bug, or missing some inherent CSS. Or … it’s a blockquote style that’s sooo subtle no one can see the difference between it and regular paragraph text. The image below shows what I see via the Mint theme markdown page. But same with Foundry.

This is a bug I noticed today as well in Mint and will add it to my launch day update list. I have a couple of smaller bugs that we noticed last minute and will probably go out in an update tomorrow. As for in Foundry – I’ll take a look when I get a chance and add it to my todo list.

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