Blog with two languages

hi out there,
I would like to do a blog with two languages.
I want to make it with RWML from
Will Woodgate/Stacks4Stacks.
Is this possible with Alloy? Or should I do it the hard way with 2 blogs in one project. Two folders:
posts_en and posts_de?

I have not used RWML myself. But my guess is that it it uses stacks of its own to replace one language with the other. I honestly don’t know though since I’ve not used it. If that is the case though you will not be able to use that with Alloy. If RWML simply divides the site into two paths, one for each language you could do that, but as you point out you’d need to maintain two blogs with separate posts folders, separate Editors, etc.

Hi Adam,

you’re right RWML uses it’s own Stacks where you can place Stacks in like Header or Paragraphs etc.
The advantage of RWML is you can translate the Menu or even Buttons. It’s worth to take a look at.
But anyway if it’s not working, I’ll have to do it the hard way.

Thanks for your answer - Take care