Blogger: A free Foundry/Alloy project from Template Repo

First of all apologies (again) for the almost radio silence from me of late. Life has been very much getting in the way of the Template Repo project of late!

That said, I’m pleased to introduce the first Foundry & Alloy freebie: Blogger.

Demo: Blog | Blogger
Details: Freebie: Blogger

To download Blogger you need to have joined the members section of Template Repo. It’s free, so if you haven’t already signed up, you can do so here: Register for the free to join members area.

Blogger is a self-contained Rapidweaver project built with Foundry v2 (Inc. Potion Pack) and Alloy. It’s simple, elegant and has all the features modern bloggers demand.

Although Blogger only consists of two pages; the main page and the editor page. Thanks to the clever use of the Alloy Conditional stack, it feels like a much bigger website once published, thanks to an entirely different layout on the main page and subsequent blog post pages.

Use Blogger “as-is”, expand it with additional pages or drop the main page into a more significant project.

PLEASE NOTE The posts that exist on the demo site are not included with the project. Due to the way Alloy works this isn’t possible. Once you have changed the settings in your version of Blogger (URL’s etc.) and published it to your server you will need to add your own posts.


  • Rapidweaver 8
  • Stacks 4
  • Foundry v2 by Elixir
  • Potion Pack For Foundry
  • Alloy v3 2 By Elixir

Blogger is made available for free on an unsupported basis by Template Repo.


hey @TemplateRepo!

can you tell me which stack is missing here?
actually I should have all the required stack installed on my system.

thanks for your support.

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Apologies. That is a bit of content that should have been removed from the final public project, but I seem to have missed it. You can just delete it, it’s not used in the version I’ve made available.

I’ve updated the download to a version that doesn’t include that group of stacks.

thanks for the quick feedback!

then can this area

and this

also deleted?

thx & regards

Ahhh, flip! Looks like another non-Foundry stack has crept in. I originally built this for myself, so used lots of different stacks. I ripped though it to use only Foundry stacks, but it seems missed one. Or maybe two!

I’m on it now, a new version for download soon.

It’s actually hard to see what non-Foundry stacks are used when you have everything in your system, so any other issues you can spot?



only these three.

  1. Anchor Name: about
  2. Anchor Name: blog
  3. What is Blogger

maybe the screenshot still helps?

According to the images above, you have the Anchor stack?

EDIT: Anchor is part of Potion! I thought it was part of the base Foundry. Working on it.

EDIT EDIT: As is Mega Menu! D’oh! Been a while since I’ve used some of these stacks, I’d forgotten they were part of addon packs.

The project isn’t going to work without Mega Menu, so I’m just going to have to leave it as-is and update the docs to say Potion Pack is required.


yes. i own all stacks from foundry and have start this with my foundry setup

OK, the non-Foundry stack is removed, and I’ve updated the docs to say Potion Pack is required. Sorry for the confusion.


sure that is the reason? the Potion Pack and Mega Menu I have also installed

Sorry, the reason for what? I’m lost now.

You were getting some stacks missing warnings in the screenshots above, if you get the new version of the project (v1.1) this is now fixed.

Was there something else?

now the first section

  1. Anchor Name: about - works!

the second section
2. Anchor Name: blog - still “stack missing”

Have you downloaded the latest version? 1.1.

@TemplateRepo I’ve just downloaded and all is fine except for one area. See screenshot.


i have downloaded the latest version - 1.1.

Oh my goodness me. I’m not very good at this today! I need to work out a way to check I’m only using Foundry stacks, as the way I thought worked, clearly doesn’t!

Version 1.2 will be up soon.

Sorry folks.


@TemplateRepo Not a problem. The problem (for you) is I have a lot of stacks. So potentially there’s some other stacks that might show up missing for others but don’t for me.

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we have to give thanks for the freebie :wink:


Tell me about it! It’s the same for me. I’ve everything, so when I try to only use a set few stacks (Foundry in this case), it’s actually way harder than it seems! I really thought just looking thru the project for non-Foundry stacks would be fine, clearly not!

Anyway, third time lucky, I hope. Version 3 now on the download link. Fingers crossed :slight_smile:


Looks all fine to me with version 3! Many thanks.