Blogs and Databases

I’ve seen Adam comment in some other places today about blogging options for Foundry. A couple of times he has mentioned product A or product B and stated as a benefit that they don’t use a database. I’m wondering why this is a benefit. I use Armadillo, it’s brilliant, but it needs a mySQL database. I find the database a breeze to set up and use. Aside from some being “afraid” to set up a mySQL database, is there some substantive disadvantage to using one?

I’m just no good with databases is all. Setting up and maintaining a database can be work sometimes and it is work I just don’t do well. So I like non-database solutions for myself. That’s all.

I am not familiar with “flat file” blogs, I dont know how easy it is to move the data from one web host to another. With MySQL you can download the data and re-import the data into a new database at the new host.

Flat files are just plain text on your server. Download them and move them where you like.

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Okay … so it seems the database is really a personal preference thing. With cPanel databases are so easy to set up these days. (I was hesitant to create databases myself at first a few years ago.)

I had to deal with an emergency yesterday that interrupted my viewing, but I’m looking forward to viewing the Foundry videos today!

Have fun @mitchellm! I will be recording more videos as time permits coming up too!