Bloom + Foundry

I’m building a site based on Foundry and really like the Bloom stack’s effect.

I noticed that when on a Foundry page, the text in a Paragraph stack looks different in Safari. It looks like Bloom adds “-webkit-font-smoothing: antialiased;” to it’s content. Is there a reason this is done in Bloom and not in Foundry? Any easy way to get the text to look the same?

Are there any plans to create a Foundry focussed version of Bloom? I’d really like to have a more generic version of it. In particular, I really like that it shifts content down and keeps the image slider inline with the content and not layered over it like typical lightboxes. I don’t recall seeing any other stacks which do this.

What I’d like to see enhanced, if you do create one, is a more generic slider used (like the one in Foundry Slider) where you can use different image types or generic content. I’d also like to be able to control whether the content area goes above or below the slider when stacked for mobile.

Hey there @DLH

It is used in Bloom to help reducing flickering with the CSS-based animations.

Yep, there sure is. You can enable in the Foundry Control Center, as seen here in the Fonts section of the Control Center settings:

There would be no reason for me to recreate the stack for Foundry. Bloom works quite well in Foundry as it is already.

Adam, is there any downside to using anti-aliased fonts?

The reason to recreate it would be to enhance it with more features! Content stacked above or generic content in the slider.

None that I can think of off the top of my head. Thinner fonts will appear to be a bit more thin, but honestly I generally like the look of the anti-aliased fonts more often than not, IMHO.