Bloom - more than 10 images

Hello, I love using bloom. One of my customers recently went from 10 pictures to 20 for the showcase of his home to rent. I would like to skip the effort to rebuilt bloom in any way just to add more pictures. Is there any way to get it to display more pictures, please?

I can appreciate wanting to do more slides, but 10 is already a lot for a single small slider.You end up with 10 navigation dots:

Take what you have now and add 10 more navigation dots to it… whew that’s a lotta dots. And in this case it even breaks and wraps a dot to the next line bunching up with the others because it is not supposed to wrap:

Bloom is a nice tool but I feel that increasing it past 10 is a bit much for what it is designed for, IMHO.

One day Bloom is going to have to be re-written as it uses some older Stacks API features. Once that happens Maybe there’ll be a better way to handle more slides, but I’m not even sure about that honestly.


I do not use the dots :slight_smile:

I also really like Bloom!

When you do the re-write, being able to reorder the images would be a big help.

Yes, that will be a part of the rewrite. Bloom came out before the new API features were available unfortunately. The rewrite would be pretty big and I still need to see if the new API features will work with the way Bloom functions. We’ll see when the time comes.

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That’s good, but the navigational dots would still be there and a problem for other users. I gotta watch out for everyone. :smiley:

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