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Good evening,

I’m playing around a little with Bloom at the moment. All fine and very nice BUT: is there any option to define a different highlight color for the mouseover when the image is not expanded? Seems like it’s set to some purple-ish color, which doesn’t meet the colors I’m using on the page.

Appreciate any help/hints.


The hover indicator color isn’t a configurable setting in Bloom. Sorry.

Hey @elixirgraphics,

thanks for your answer. Then I’d like to add two more questions:

  1. Is it possible to implement this functionality? Since Whimsy has a fully customizable section, it would really be nice to do this with Bloom as well.
  2. If not, could you kindly give some advice on how to address the hover indicator using Blacksmith?

Kind regards

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Little update from my side so far after testing a lot:

  1. Create a new Stylesheet in Blacksmith
  2. Set the Class Name to cd-slider
  3. Add the Pseudo Class After
  4. Check the Important Override
  5. Check the Background Color and give it the desired value
  6. In addition, I added some Background Filter as well

Works fine for me at the moment.
Still in the progress of finding the class/element for the hover icon


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Glad you got it sorted. :+1:

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