Browser bookmark tab over nav menu on page load (F3)

Hi all,

I’m redoing a website with Foundry 3 originally done using Foundry 2.

The test site is having a weird issue when my client uses his browser on his laptop.

The top nav menu is partly hidden by the browser bookmark tab. It doesn’t occur on the Foundry 2 site only on the new Foundry 3 site.

Please see screenshot below. (I don’t see same issue on my Mac using Safari, Chrome or Firefox).

My client says … “it happens when I first click the link. I have to click on the page then scroll to get the full home page.”

I can’t replicate it, even when I have Chrome appearance settings to ‘Show bookmark bar’

Any thoughts on what the issue maybe and how to fix…seems like just occurring with Foundry 3

Cheers Scott

Displays fine here. No problem in any browser I’ve tried.

Thanks Adam,

Yes, I’m the same…I can’t replicate the issue either.

My problem is that seems to only be occurring on my clients laptop, therefore he would like it not to happen.

However it doesn’t occur on his laptop in the Foundry 2 site. only the draft Foundry 3 version. So I’m having trouble explaining to him that it could be the browser settings on his laptop.

Could there be anything in the Foundry 3 version that may cause it in this isolated instance?

Thanks for any suggestions.

Cheers Scott

Hi, can you check if he can use a incognito window on his browser to test? To rule out any cache issues or such.