Browser theme color - F3

I am experiencing a slightly strange behaviour with the browser theme color setting in F3. Although I set the browser theme color in the site styles and saved the site styles group as a partial and publish all project files the new theme color does not appear on all pages. (Of course, this is a setting mainly for the Safari browser and tested this after clearing the cache.) I have to go back and manually change the theme colour setting in the partial of a specific page and republish all files again. Anyone else experiencing this?

That sounds like Stacks isn’t propagating the change to your Partial. You might need to have @isaiah have a look at this for you as I don’t have control over that unfortunately. You’ll want to reach out to him via his support email on his site and provide details and a test project file that replicates this issue for him.

Thanks Adam. Just another issue I am experiencing that confirms bugs with Stacks 5.

That is what I think it is. Not being the Stacks developer I can’t be sure obviously. But it is worth reporting to Isaiah and providing him as much detail as possible and see what he thinks.