Bug - High Sierra, Foundry or Montage 2?

Drag and drop is nice but I notice it sometimes gives hard time in RW page that is heavy.

Here are few interesting screenshots, I lost the stack from a project and got thumbnails stuck on the screen.

What should I do to avoid this in future? I usually have RW and folder window open for drag on drop.

Same here. It is annoying but not too much. I have no solution…

Ok. I guess have to be just more precise with drag & drop action.

This seems to be RapidWeaver related I would surmise. Maybe some interaction with High Sierra. I do not use High Sierra as it has been a disaster of an OS from the beginning. That being said I’ve never run into what you’re seeing there, so I suspect it has to do with a problem with the OS or a problem between RW and the OS. This is one you’ll need to report to the Realmac Software team.