BUG in Accordion Stack?

I am using the Accordion Stack from Foundry and have found a small problem or BUG.

I would like to assign a font weight “BOLD” to the Accoirdion Title under Accordion Item. Unfortunately this always breaks. (See screenshot)

I’m a bit confused by your screenshot. It looks like you are applying bold to font weight in an HTML stack: not the Accordion stack. In addition in your screenshot it’s not the default HTML stack provided by YourHead. Can you clarify where this particular stack is coming from?

sure… it is the Accordion Stack from Foundry. enclosed is another screenshot

By the way: Is it possible to give the Accordion Title an H1 / H2 / H3 etc.?

Okay, I see what you are looking at now. That’s not where you really should do the various Accordion settings. Instead click on the Accordion stack (i.e. NOT an Accordion Item stack) and you’ll see these settings:

That’s where you can control font size, etc. for the titles. It needs to be the same/consistent for all titles.

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Thanks for your support!

H1 / H2 / H3 for the Accordion Title are not possible - right?

I don’t know of a direct way to do this by specifying H2, H3, etc. But as long as you know the sizes you set for H2, H3, etc. in your main Foundry setup stack then you can use those same font sizes for the titles. Just check your Control Center settings:

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