Bug: Scroll to Top and Modal

Hi, when I use the Modal stack, the Scroll to Top arrow is still visible and clickable. But in a modal view, I want to hide the Scroll to Top as it is useless and distracts the reader.

Thank you


I’ll have a look at it when I’m back in the office on Monday.

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Hi, any news about this topic?

Your post is timely. I just fixed that layering this morning. It will be in the next update. :+1:


:slight_smile: Perfect, thank you very much!

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This is included in the v1.2.5.1 update that went out today.

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I have made the same bug experience with the side glide stack.
Anybody else from this thread to confirm this?

@elixirgraphics: Maybe it is worth to have a look into that issue?

Regards Tom

Hi @TomS2 – You’ll have to be more specific. Side Glide is not a stack in Foundry. Perhaps you’ve combined two stack names together there. You’ll have to let me know what stack you’re referring to. Also, outline the problem you’re seeing. This is a two year old thread so chances are your problem is not related to this particular thread directly. Please provide me details on your problem you’re experiencing.

Sorry Adam, a typo occurred… I was referring to ‚side slide‘ (Side Slide Documentation)

I see exactly the same issue which was reported above.
The scroll up button is visible behind the slide and is clickable, which should not be the case until the slide is closed again.

Regards Tom

@TomS2 Send me over a ZIP file containing an example of the problem if you would and I’ll be glad to take a look at it some time today.

@elixirgraphics: Please find attached an example project showing the issue.

Please scroll down until you see the scroll to top button. Then click the “SideSlide” button and you will see the scroll button still being clickable and still sitting in the foreground.

Regards Tom
SideSlideSCrollUpIssue.zip (50.6 KB)

The z-index for the Scroll to Top is in the 2000 range (2001 to be exact) and Side Slide is set to 1000. This means Scroll To Top will layer on top of the Side Slide. Adjusting these can be done for fine tuning, but it will mean that other elements within Foundry may be affected.

That said, I’m not sure I see this one as a problem because clicking on the Scroll To Top button will dismiss the Side Slide stack, whereas the Modal interaction originally reported in this thread didn’t combine like that if I remember correctly (it has been nearly 2 years now, so I’m not sure). So this one doesn’t read as a bug to me – just how these two stacks interact.

I’ll open this one up to everyone and ask – Would you prefer the Scroll To Top stack to be under or over the Side Slide stack, as seen the the example project that @TomS2 has created in the above post?

Hi, in this case, please under. When you click on the scroll to top when side slide is open, it will close side slide. I think this is not what a website wants to happen.

If the user clicks to Scroll to Top stack to take them to the top of the page, wouldn’t they want to go to the top of the page? If so, then the Side Slide has to close to achieve the visitor’s request, which is how it currently works.

This seems to be a tricky one :thinking: Both arguments are valid. I think the desired action depends on the web developer’s intentions…
Therefore I would suggest to have an option in the “Scroll To Top” stack which determines the z-index. It should be sufficient to have a check box (e.g.: “Override modal boxes”) and not a numerical input because of unpredictable side effects which may occur when entering the z-index directly.

Regards Tom

It doesn’t work that way unfortunately. There need to be exact z-index values given in the CSS so that they all work together to achieve the desired outcome, whatever the outcome might be. Most people don’t know what a z-index even is… and they’re more complex than a you’d think at first glance.

For now I’ll keep it as it is and keep this on my list of things to look over for a future update.

This was the reason for my check box idea, because @elixirgraphics himself :wink: can determine the proper z-index for the scroll button and thus the real values will be hidden from the web developer who does not need to understand the term and the working of z-indexes.

If that is the case then I’ve already picked a z-index – 2001. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

… and if the scroll to top button should be covered under side slide (and maybe under modals, too :thinking:) make it 999 :innocent:

But for now I think, that I can live with it (until the ‘future update’…)

Thanks Adam.

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In all seriousness, I’ll take a look at it for the future. I don’t find this one to be egregious though.

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