Bulleted list problem?

I am adding a bulleted list to the Paragraph stack and choosing dot style. It looks normal inside of the stack but when I make a preview, it looks empty dot;

Inside of stack look;

On the preview

Also, there is this panel when I choose a bulleted list; I am choosing just bullet don’t add anything prefix or suffix cause I don’t know what that it is?

Screen Shot 2019-12-09 at 20.44.51

How did you put the bullet text in the paragraph stack? If you copied it form another app, did you paste as plain text? You may have carried formatting over from the other app.

I just did a quick test and I’m getting the correct (solid) bullets.

You could use Foundry’s Bulleted List stack for this.

Yes, I copied from my website. I see that is getting all formats color and the settings. Here is my other question. How can I copy/paste into the paragraph stack without formatting?

But you cant add the bulleted list stack into the paragraph stack!

You should use the Bulleted List stack and not a text or Paragraph stack. The Bulleted List stack is specifically for this purpose.

But these are long paragraphs. are you saying divided the paragraphs?

This is example of my text?


  • Paragraph stack
  • Bulleted list
  • Paragraph stack

I’d give a screenshot but I’m on my cellphone.

Foundry is all about modular stacks.

Technically you’d want a new paragraph stack for each individual paragraph.

Even I break that rule sometimes honestly.

Ok. I thought the same thing. I just asked is there any way to do it. I think this is the only way. Thanks.

As far as web design goes that is the proper way to do it.

Yes, in RW use the “Paste as Plain Text” option from the Edit menu.

The better way to do this is multiple paragraph stacks and the bulleted list stack, as Adam mentioned.

However, whenever you paste anything into a paragraph (or other text stack) you want to paste as plain text. Otherwise, you’ll get odd formatting issues.


Foundry also handles markdown quite well. Try putting your content in one go into a markdown stack and it will look quite nice. However, you first need to learn a bit about markdown: it takes about 30 minutes.