Button Foundry 3

Is there an option to reduce the button size (button stack - foundry 3) other than small, standard and large?

Those are the built-in options. You could adjust the height using the Foundry Blacksmith tool though.

Hi Adam,
Sorry for the late reply. Time Zone difference, slept off.
I tried changing the height in Black Smith. It did affect the size.
I wanted a small round button, but as I changed the size in Black Smith, the corners were getting affected. I wish the original Button stack had the option for a round button.

I achieved the required effect with a few options in Black Smith and the Button stack. It would have been perfect if the button size was still smaller.

IN Black Smith, if I reduced the size further, the icon got off-centered.

This can also be adjusted in both the button and within Blacksmith by changing the Roundness in the button tool or Border Radius in your Stylesheet.

Feel free to share your project file here if you wish further help on this. :+1:

I had already changed the roundness and border radius, and it works.

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