Buttons not opening in new page?

@SteveB you need to strip out everthing on that page to just Contol Centre and a Foundry button and test it. Test in Preview and then in Safari. If Ok, then add in every other stack one by one and test each time.

Otherwise you will go round and round for ever. Also I have had some projects become unstable and the only cure was to delete and rebuild from a fresh blank page.

Yep, done all that. Narrowed it down to what’s on the page now. What’s causing it? No idea, maybe we’ll get to the bottom of it, maybe not, Thought it might be worth a try though.

So in addition to the Control and Button, what other single stack is on that page?

You can see for yourself, the project is up there ^

On the page is Balls and SP with a video child stack. I might have left Wills spacer on the page too.

No idea if the problem is in preview, rarely use it, it is in Chrome though.

It’s debugging 101 that you have to remove everything to find out what is causing the issue. You have far too many stacks in this debugging situation to be able to isolate the problem.

Also the file you sent me works fine for me and there is no issue with it that I can see.

I’m on OSX 10.12.6, RW 7.5.5, STACKS 3.5.7 everything else up to date.

I feel we’re going round in circles here!

It’s weird that it’s working for you, have you tried the one above too? i sent the same to Tav and as I understand it, he also saw the problem. He expanded it a bit too.

Anyway, here is a video of what is happening here. I show how the link doesn’t open in a new window, then after I remove balls it does. I’m not for one moment saying the issue is balls, as removing the video child from SP has the same effect: The link opens on a new window. And I suspect if I hunted around I’d find other stacks that make the problem happen/not happen.

I’m not looking to apportion blame just get to the bottom of it if it has a bottom to get to.

Assuming it’s not just me being thick (possible) there is something going on here, I can’t establish if it’s happening only on my machine or a wider issue. Then, if a wider issue I can’t establish what is causing it. For that, I need the input of the devs.

You still have to break it down to Foundry Control, Foundry Button and 1 other stack that causes the issue.

I have removed everything except Control Centre, Foundry Button and PaddyBalls and it works as it should and also the code looks right.

See this demo demo at https://d.pr/v/ZZ7p4Y

I’ve said this before, it can’t be done. That is the point. It seems a be a mixture of stacks on the page that is causing it, but it’s not uniform, the mixture is random as far as I can tell. The two I’ve isolated it down to is Paddy Balls and SP with a Video Child, if I tried I suspect I can do the same with other stacks. The one single constant though is the Foundry theme, which is why I’ve now bought it to Adam, to see if he wants to and can shed any light. he can’t though as he doesn’t have the stacks needed to replicate the problem.

I still don’t even know if you’re seeing the issue as I’m seeing it in the video.

I don’t need a fix to this, I’ve found a workaround, I’m just trying to help first establish if this is a wider issue and then help nail it down if it can be. I do completely understand that this is probably “just one of those things”, I just thought it might be worth seeing if there was something else going on, that maybe might be worth resolving. Who knows, it might be something simple that might lead on to something else. But we’ll never know if we keep going round in circles.

Maybe it should just be parked now, I have my fix, if some other poor buggers hits it or a related issue, it’ll be their problem.

Not sure that’s the attitude we want to have around here. I’m going to go ahead and close this thread. I suspect you gentlemen can exchange email addresses to get your problem solved.