Buttons not opening in new page?

I’ve only just noticed this, but in all instances of a Foundry button within a Foundry site, if I set it to open in a new page, it doesn’t.

The code produced is as follows…

It seems to be a Foundry issue, opposed to a Foundry button issue, as no matter what button stack I use, the link won’t open in a new window.

Have I missed a setting somewhere?

This one looks like a Foundation and not a Foundry site. But it does open a new window for me. So perhaps it is a setting in your browser?

Is fine for me too. Likely that pop-ups are being blocked in your browser. There should be a message / icon indicating this somewhere on screen once you click the button.

Sorry, that wasn’t meant to be a link as such, it was meant to be the code that Foundry/RW produced for a link on a Foundry site that whilst instructed to open in a new window, doesn’t.

Scroll down and click any of the links under the images in the slider. They are all set to open in a new window, but for me at least, they don’t.

It’s not a browser/popup blocked thing for me.

I assume you guys have Foundry sites? Do links open in new windows for you on these sites when instructed?


Here ya go, this is what was meant to be posted up there, but the site turned it into a link, hopefully, this time it won’t…

The link target should be “_blank”. Are you just using the default Add Link dialogue box to do this?

i have definitely used this within Foundry without issue. haven’t got RW with me now though to do any testing.

Yep, links added in the usual way: Click the ad link button on the various stacks, sslect URL or page, tick the new window box, etc.

Just tested again…

New project, add one stacks page, add RW default button, add link, select open new window. Using Foundry theme won’t open in new window, select any other theme, will open in new window.

Not sure if I’ve found a bug, or Adam has disallowed opening in new window for some reason or if I’m missing a setting in Foundry somewhere.

Very odd.

Did you add the Foundry base stack too (along with the RW button) as well as selecting the Foundry theme in your test?

Yep. Tried with and without. No new window!

Really need someone else to test this, to see if it’s a problem unique to me, or not.

Could well be a problem my end, but before digging thru my setup, need it tested further afield.

Just checked now. Did exactly the same as you and it works fine. URL launched in a new browser window.

Have you got the latest versions of everything?

RW 7.5.5
Stacks 3.5.5
Foundry theme 1.0.1
Foundry 1.3.1
Potion 1.2.2

Which I believe is all the latest versions.

Update… Aaha! Was on my MBP earlier, on my iMac now. Was just putting a test project together to upload and new page is working!

So summit is not happy on the MBP. Should have checked that first really.

Bloody computers.

OK, ignore some of the above, not slept for a few days now so am not function too well! When I thought I’d tested earlier with nothing on the page but the Foundry stuff, I clearly hadn’t, and the bit about the MBP and iMac is rubbish too!

I have though found the problem, so figured I’d put it here in case anyone else runs into it…

It appears that if there is a Section Pro stack on the page with a video background using the old legacy video child stack, not the newer one, the open in new page linky thing don’t work! Changing to the newer child stacks fixes it.

Thanks for the help to the guys above. Hope this fix helps someone else out.

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I’m returning to this after some sleep as I was again wrong, it isn’t SP child stacks, new or legacy. I can’t work out what is doing it, but somehow the target attribute is getting partially stripped out of links.

If you look at that code up there, you can see clearly that the code produced says target="" opposed to target="_blank".

I’ve isolated things down to a few elements on the page, project attached. Would appreciate if anyone could offer any insight. If you change the theme the links work as expected.

@elixirgraphics I appreciate you’ve been busy with the stacks update the last while, but should you get the time to have a look at that project file I’d appreciate some feedback on what you think might be stripping out the code.

I didn’t realize that you were looking for me to look at this particular thing. So I can be clear on the situation before downloading the project and looking through it, you’re using a standard Stacks button or a Foundry button?


Although I found that no matter what the stack, or how the link was applied, the “_blank” bit of code was getting stripped out when the Foundry theme was applied.

On the page of the project are three different stacks, by three different devs. I have sent the project to both for their opinion as to where the problem is, the first thing that came back was that the links contains target="" opposed to target="_blank". No one has yet looked at what is causing it, but as the code doesn’t appear to be getting stripped out when a theme other than Foundry is used, you seemed the logical place to start.


Odd, when I load your project file and live preview it, this is what I get – the link opens using target="blank" just fine, as you can see here: target-blank.mp4 • Droplr

I don’t have some of the other stacks on your page though, so perhaps one of them is causing a problem. You’ll see these are the stacks you’re using that I do not have.

Best thing to try – try a page with just the main Foundry stack and a Button and see if it works for you. If so, add things back in one at a time until it breaks, then you have your culprit. That said, I am not able to recreate this one here at all.

Yes, I think way back up there I explained the rather intermittent problem that is cropping up.

To see it you need @webdeersign Paddy Balls.

To explain it…

If you had Paddy Balls you’d see the problem. So the obvious solution is to remove Paddy Balls. But, on another page there is no Paddy Balls and the problem exists there too! In this case, I’ve found removing the video child from Section Pro fixes it. On the test page you have removing either Paddy Balls or the video child fixes the problem.

As you can tell, it’s a pretty complex and weird one. Nether Paddy Balls or SP video child seem to be the unique cause, but do somehow play into the mix. The other element in the mix is the Foundry theme.

A solution isn’t essential as I do have a workaround, but I’m thinking it’s good for all if whatever is causing the problem is discovered, assuming it’s discoverable. I realise it might be “just one of those things”, but figured it’s worth the collective brains of the operation (I don’t count myself in that group!) having a look at it.

Perhaps Gary might send you, or be happy for me to send you Paddy Balls. Will wait to hear from him.

If you want to send those things along privately to me for testing I’ll have a look. But if adding XYZ to the page creates a problem, then likely the problem is coming from XYZ. The Foundry theme contains the appropriate, RW-specific code for handling external links though, as all themes are required to have:

Like I said, I cannot replicate it here with what I have. If you wish to provide me the stacks I need to test the situation I will, otherwise my hands are tied and in that situation you’ll need to contact the developer(s) of those stacks to see if perhaps the problem lies within them.

Yep, agree. As explained though, it seems a bit more complicated than that in this instance.

Yep, get that, it’s why I’ve tagged Gary and asked his permission to send you the stacks. As soon as I hear from him I’ll either send it over, or not.

Yep, done that, mentioned it up there. Everyone can see what is happening, but to get to the bottom of it will need all three devs involved. So hopefully we’ll get that ball rolling as soon as I hear from Gary.