Can I add pading to the left and right of the nav bar?

I have been looking over the nav. bar settings for a way to add just a bit more spacing on the left and right sides. I see that I can add a border to the sides or more spacing between each item or set the max width.

The border feature is probably the closest to what I am looking for but it seems to add a solid color boarder when my nav. bar is transparent. Is there just a way to bring the sides in a bit more while keep that same black transparent?

I am guessing that adding a border is the way to do this so I will probably just add the boarder without the transparency and have that carried across to all the pages where the partial resides.

Did you try the Inner Max-Width option?

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It seems like I’ve tried just about everything I can do in the stack at this point? Perhaps I don’t understand the Inner Max Width Option completely. As I try to change the numbers I don’t see any of the content in the nav bar shifting to any degree.

As I look back at the drop down I made in with MegaMenu and Foundry 2 I notice there was much spacing on both ends of the nav bar content. That system seemed pretty quick to get used to. I was hoping I could figure out the new system pretty quick.


I just watched the navigation tutorial video when Adam changes the inner width option you see the navigation change.

Just go to the inner max width chapter

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Inner Max Width may work, but it simply prevents the inner part of the navbar from exceeding a particular width. If that’s not sufficient and you actually want to keep the outermost elements a consistent space from the sides of the device/browser window you’ll have to use padding.

It looks like there isn’t a setting for the side padding, but you can use Blacksmith to do it. Add it to the page and the following setting should work.

First, set what to apply the settings to:

Next, set the padding. I used a large margin just to see that it’s working. Set them to your liking. The Top/Bottom don’t matter as the more specific settings in the Navigation Bar override them.
Screen Shot 2023-12-01 at 9.41.34 PM


Great, that fixed it! I added Blacksmith to the partial so it updated all the pages too. That is pretty nice. Thanks for the help.

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