Can I make one column scroll while the other stays put?

Before Alloy 3, I used a Conditional stack to display Disqus only at the bottom of full blog entries, and not at the bottom of summaries. With Alloy 3, I no longer use the Conditional. But I have a two-column layout, with the blog entries (summaries and full posts) in the left column, and with housekeeping stuff (copyright, Categories, and Previous Posts) in the right column.

The problem is that when a user scrolls down the left column to see more blog entry summaries, the right-column content scrolls up and disappears at the top of the screen.

Is there a way to make just the left column content scroll down, while leaving the right-column content in a fixed vertical position on the page? I guess that amounts to making the columns scroll separately. Thanks in advance for any info.

Have a look at the Foundry 2 Partitions stack. There’s a great video on the Elixir Graphics YouTube channel.


I’ll check it out. Thanks very much!

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It worked like a charm! Thank you!