Can I modify the Shutter gallery Arrows?

Is there a way to modify the gallery arrows? I am looking in the shutter properties and dont see a setting for this. As you see in the pic the box and arrows are both grey, kind of hard to see. I was looking at the documentation and didnt see anything there either. I notice on the samples the arrows are much whiter. Thanks

~ JP

Sorry, Here is the image.

The arrow colour can be changed via the icon colour setting in the Lightbox section.

Hoppy, That didnt work.

Here is an image of what I need to do. As you will see in the second image the properties for these have been changed and it is not affecting the colors. Any thoughts?

Joe. I have changed every setting to see what it does. There does not seem to be a way of changing the grey box. The icon colour affects the arrow and the top right cross. When you hover over the box the arrow colour changes to the “hover” colour as does the cross if you hover over it. Not sure why you are seeing no change. Perhaps try a strong pink just to make it more obvious to see whether it works. Also restart Rapidweaver I guess, a reboot never hurts.

You change the icon color here in Shutter’s settings:

White is a possibility:

Make sure your opacity is set to 100% in your color picker:

As you can see in the pic I have modified the color to red and the opacity is at 100%.

Unfortunately, the icons are still Grey and are not reflecting any color changes I am making.

Seems like something to do with your page perhaps. You’d need to share your current project file with us here to be able to look at it and diagnose your problem.

Sending now. Sorry Adam, seems like every day it is something. Great news is we always seem to work through it.

Looks like it may have to do with having multiple instances of Shutter on the page. I don’t have an immediate workaround for you right now aside from an update to the code, which I’d need to look through and work out.

Thanks Adam for the research. Is this something you can do or do I need to tell the client we cant have more than one gallery on a page? I don’t need to work on the site till probably Tuesday or Wednesday of next week if you think it is something you can resolve by then. Let me know. Thank You Adam!

You can have more than one gallery. There’s just a conflict of some CSS that is overriding the icon color for any but the last gallery on the page.

An update won’t be pushed out over the weekend. Being a long weekend here in the US the earliest it would go out would be Tuesday, but that doesn’t account for me troubleshooting, fixing and testing it.

OK, I am in Florida also so I get it. I can work on other pages during the week if you think you can do it during the week, I will push the gallery development to the following week. If there is a resolve by then let me know. If not I will redesign the layout for the client.

Have a great holiday!!


Heads up — Sent you a DM earlier.