Can I use custom icons instead of FontAwesome icons?

Hi - I would like to use my own custom icons instead of the FontAwesome icons. I see that if I sign up as a Font Awesome Pro user I can create my own custom icons and add them for my own use to FA. If I do this, will my custom FA icons appear in Foundry FA dropdown lists?

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Since you were replying to a 4 year old thread I broke your post off into its own, new topic.

Using your own icons in place of the FontAwesome icons, where they’re used, is not an option.

As for FontAwesome itself – The Stacks plugin uses FontAwesome v4 currently. This means Foundry also uses FontAwesome v4 as we pull the library directly from the Stacks API as the stacks developer requests we do when using it.

This means Foundry will not have FontAwesome v5 unless Stacks adds it to the API.

That said, Stacks would not likely incorporate the Pro version of FontAwesome as it would be extremely costly for them to do so.

I’d like to echo @nicksmith request to be able to use icons beyond those currently available in Fontawesome v4 :grinning:

What implementation did you have in mind?

I ask because if you’re talking about image-based icons, and not a font-based icon system like FontAwesome, then that can present problems that would break some stacks depending on the icon the user chooses.

I’m looking at the new FontAwesome Pro feature to “upload your own icons to a kit and easily use them right alongside Font Awesome icons” - Font Awesome 6 Pre-Order. But it would be even better if I could upload my own pngs or svgs to use directly in Foundry nav stacks. Could you get round the stack breaking issue by tightly defining the properties of the icon images that could be used?

As I said, FontAwesome 5 and 6 are not options. They’re not a part of the Stacks API and thus not a part of Foundry because of their non-inclusion in the API.

I could. But then I run up against my pre-defined requirements not being what each individual wants. That spins off into complaints about a size a specific person needs not being available. It is easier for everyone all around if we use a font for the icons as they’re scalable and a known entity as far as sizing.

Foundry will eventually get different font icon choices, but that is not an immediate addition that is around the bend.

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