Can the Recent Posts stack display an unlimited number of posts?

Hi, the “recent posts” is limited to 25. Can this be unrestricted? Reason? On the blog (home page) I can limit this so as not to be too messy. But I also have a “blog list” page where I’d like to display all blogs I’ve ever written. And I don’t want my reader (yes, Tom) to have to scroll through every blog page to find something. Love this platform!

Looks like you’ve replied to a post that is over a year old now, and isn’t the same topic as the previous post(s), so I’m splitting this off into its own thread.

Good morning @GavinH – What you’re looking to do isn’t something that the Recent Posts stack is designed to do. It is meant only as a way to provide a glimpse at a few of the most recent topics on the blog page. It is not meant to be its own summaries view. This is not functionality that I believe the Recent Posts stack should be handling.

Thanks. Yes, I got you. But is there a way then to list all posts? Or is it a manual text list with link task that one must go into?

Not sure I follow. The Blog Entries stack serves as the “list” of posts for your blog.

While I absolutely do not recommend this, as I believe a huge list of hundreds of posts is not conducive to a good user experience, you could set the number of posts per page to anything you like in the Blog Entries stack, whose job is to list your blog posts:

A paginated blog summaries view is a much better user experience.

I agree. A page with 300 blogs would be a nightmare. So what I wanted to do is have a separate page for ALL my blogs (Lessons from the front line of small business) in case someone (Tom, yes the one reader) wanted quickly see what else was written. But the main page should be clean and simple as per the main page But there doesn’t seem to be a stack which would allow for an unlimited blog list. So I can’t do 300 blogs (argh, nightmare visually) but neither a full list of all posts.

That is definitely not an option and most likely won’t be. I am sorry to disappoint Tom, whoever he may be.

My one hypothetical reader! Thanks. OK. Text with links to the posts it is then.