Can this Scrolling indicator be set up in Foundry2?

I like the look and function of this scrolling - screenshot attached.
When scrolling down the page, the relevant indicator on the left is shown as active.
Clicking on one of the indicators takes you to the relevant part of the page.
This is the URL -
I was wondering whether F2’s Glide stack would suit, but it doesn’t seem to work in pages based on partitions stack. It’s OK with F2 regular pages.
As always, suggestions would be much appreciated.

Glide will not with with Partitions. Glide is triggered off of the page itself scrolling. Partitions does not allow the page to scroll. From the Foundry 2 Partitions documentation page:

Full Page
The Partitions stack is a unique tool. It takes over the entire page, partitioning it off into preset sections. These sections are where your page’s content will live.

This means that all of your content for the page must be placed within the Partitions stack. Don’t place content above or below the Partitions stack.

This also means that stacks that trigger off of the browser scrolling, like Reveal or Scroll To, will not work within Partitions.

Thanks Adam
I knew about Glide and Partitions. I just mentioned it in case anyone suggested it as a solution.