Can you use an SVG in Navigation Bar for the Site Logo?

Does anyone know if its possbible/how to get an SVG in the logo area of the Nav Bar or Mega Menu stack?

Hi James,

as far as I know one cannot use vectors (svg, eps) in the navbar or in a website. It was something that was possible in Flash, but Flash is no longer supported.


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Hi, you can use SVG’s in websites no bother, more or less all the logos and icons on the site I make are SVG. But you can add them to the menus you mention. SVG’s are pure code, so don’t need anything like Flash.

You may or may not already know about it, but there is a brilliant SVG stack in Big White Duck’s Blueprint stack suite. BluePrint Stacks for RapidWeaver


I’ve a client with an SVG logo (in .svg format) I want to put in a sticky top-bar style menu - is there a way i can do this with Foundry stacks, and/or combination with BWD stacks?

@TemplateRepo , thanks for the info. I did not know that. One learns everyday :grinning:

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No. Just convert it to a PNG and use that instead.

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ok, thanks for clarifying.

If you don’t have the software to do that efficiently (many of the online ones are rubbish), upload the SVG here and I’ll convert it for you, just give me the dimensions you need.

You can use an SVG in your logo section for the Navigation Bar. Drop the SVG into the RapidWeaver Resources. Then in the Branding settings choose Custom (Remote) and use the link button to link to the SVG image in your Resources.


I’m so sorry for the wrong info above. I had no idea you could do that.

We can’t know everything. We all learn something new every day! We’re all constantly learning and growing.


Awesome. :smile: Thanks Adam

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