Can't change Nav Bar background colour

I’ve tried to change the Nav Bar’s background color, but it stays white. The procedure seems very simple, so I must be missing something obvious:

  1. In the Background section, I click Color as the Type.

  2. Then I click the Color button and select a color from the palette.

But the background color doesn’t change.

What am I doing wrong? Thanks in advance for any info.

Hi there @Noah

I suspect you’re changing the background color of something else on the page other than the Navigation Bar. The Navigation Bar stack has a section labeled “Bar” in which you’ll find the controls for the background color of the Nav Bar:

If you can send me a ZIP file containing your project file, or at the very least show me a screenshot of the window when you’re editing the color I can help out further if my above screenshot doesn’t help with clearing it up for you.

No need! Your suggestion was exactly on target.

I was changing the Background color at the top of the information panel. That apparently controls the background color of something, but not the nav bar. As soon as I scrolled down to the bottom and found the Bar section, it worked fine.

Thanks for the help!


Not a problem. Glad to help.

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